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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.
The Best Lipstick Vibrators for Discreet Pleasure

The Best Lipstick Vibrators for Discreet Pleasure

Sex toys are wonderful. This is something we know to be very true at The Vibed. Yet, not everyone wants to shout about their sex toys or have them out in the open for nosy roommates or unexpected visitors to find. And that's totally fine! While there's no shame in owning toys, having sexual fantasies, or masturbating in general, it's completely okay to want a toy that's a little more on the discreet side. And this, friends, is why we love the lipstick vibrator.

Lipstick vibrators are known for being inconspicuous, but they are also incredibly portable and know how to pack a punch despite their size. And not to mention, they're mega-cute, too!

To help find the right lipstick vibe for you, we've rounded up 6 of our favorites­—a lineup that boasts a variety of shapes and styles as well as varying speeds and power levels. One brand even lets you pick your shade! So, whether you're looking to slip your new toy into your purse for your next on-the-go rendezvous or if you simply want a little more discreetness between the sheets, we've got a lipstick vibrator just for you.



Hide & Play Lipstick by CalExotics


If you're totally new to lipstick vibes and want an easy place to start, consider the Hide & Play vibe from CalExotics. It comes in a variety of lipstick “shades” so you can pick whichever fun color speaks to you. The battery-operated toy offers a sleek, realistic design and is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its one-touch button on the base. And with 8 speed and pattern settings and waterproof functionality, these lippies may look discreet, but they certainly won't feel it.



My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lipstick


At practically the same price point as real lipstick, the My Secret Screaming O Lipstick Vibe might just become your new favorite accessory in your cosmetics purse. Designed with a soft silicone flex tip for target stimulation, this discreet vibe is waterproof and offers 3 speeds plus a multi-pulse tease mode that lets you tickle, please, and tease your way toward orgasm. It's no wonder it's a Vibed bestseller.



Naughty Bits Bad Bitch


While discretion is typically the goal with lipstick vibes, this metallic gold tube is unapologetically imprinted with the title “Bad Bitch.” Still, the flashy vibrator still absolutely looks like lipstick with an appropriately bold purple tip. The rechargeable, waterproof vibe has 10 vibration functions with one-button control for up to 2 hours of use at a time. If your makeup collection and/or wardrobe are loud, the Bad Bitch will complement it gloriously.




Blush Rose Lipstick Vibe


The Rose Lipstick Vibe from Blush simplifies the features of the Lush Lina into a more affordable, single-speed, AAA-battery-operated lipstick vibrator. But while the Rose Lipstick Vibe pares down in functions, it excels in its appearance. This vibrator looks exactly like a tube of lipstick! You’ll be wary it’s a sex toy at all until you turn it on to feel its focused vibrations!



Tenga iroha Stick


Tenga is a Japanese brand known for its modern and minimalistic designs, which inadvertently translate into a bit of discretion. You might already be familiar with their beautiful wand, the one that can easily disguise itself in plain view, and their lipstick vibrator, iroha Stick, is no different. They look just like the lippie you’d stash in your purse, and just like you’d twist a tube of lipstick, twisting the bottom controls their vibration levels. The vibrations range from gentle to strong, and the toy comes in three different color combos so that you can choose your favorite “shade.” Designed with waterproof functionality, you can bring yours into the bath or shower too.



Lush Lina Lipstick Vibrator by Blush


There are quite a few things we love about the Lina Lipstick Vibe from Blush. First, it has a super sleek ABS exterior that looks impressively like a tube of makeup, so we’re talking total secrecy here. Inside is a soft, smooth, silicone bullet. It's super easy to slip into your purse or pocket, and it's USB rechargeable, which is convenient when you're traveling. But the best part? This petite vibe punches well above its weight with 3 steady speeds and 7 unique patterns. That's a total of 10 vibe functions in this tiny little thing!




Get After That Glow


If you ask us, lipstick vibrators aren't going anywhere soon. They're perfectly compact and super discreet, perfect for when you're looking for a toy that's a little more low-key. Even if you have a full arsenal of sex toys already, slipping a lipstick vibrator into your bag can be grounds for a fun little secret that you get to keep all to yourself. And with a variety of lipstick vibrators to try out, it's clear there's more than one way to achieve that fresh makeup glow!

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