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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.
Couples Buyers Guide

Couples Buyers Guide

What makes a sex toy a couples sex toy?


Most toys can (and should!) be used on any interested person during sex between two people. A standard G-spot vibrator can be used to tease or stimulate any body part, and can be controlled by any partner. But a couples toy is specifically built to satisfy two partners at once, or to be controlled by one partner on another. The result is a shared experience for more intimate pleasure.

A standard couples sex toy is a vibrating cock ring. By fixing a bullet vibrator to a cock ring, the penis, and sometimes balls, are teased with ongoing vibrations, while the receiver gets direct vulva, anus, or perineum stimulation with each thrust. Vibrating C-rings may also feature an extension like the flickering rabbit ears on the VeDO Thunder Bunny, which flutter against the clitoris. In addition, any sex toy can become a couples toy with the use of a remote! By passing the remote onto your partner, you can surrender your control over the vibrations on an inserted egg vibrator or butt plug for a delightfully exciting submissive experience, perhaps even a public one with some vibrating panties!



We-Vibe combines and elevates all of these experiences with the Chorus. The toy bends to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris at once with a slim-enough entry point that it can fit between the penis and vaginal wall during penetration for dual pleasure! On top of that, the We-Connect app pairs with the Chorus and other We-Vibe devices to be controlled by a smartphone, allowing couples to play with each other on a worldwide scale!




What is sex furniture?


Sex furniture is a collection of devices which users can sit, lie, or even hang upon to achieve sexual positions and activities easier, or even open up new ones! Sex wedges, like the Pillo by Dame, prop you up at the waist or support you in other areas of the body for more pinpointed G-spot targeting, comfortable oral sex, or new positions altogether!



Flip that mentality upside-down and try a sex swing to hang suspended from the ceiling! All new positions and BDSM scenarios are possible when one partner swings prone off the ground. Or if you want to get messy, waterproof sheets like those from Sheets of San Francisco will easily clean any fluid, bodily or foreign, you want to throw at it. They open opportunities for oily massages, food play, watersports, and more. Just like a bunk bed, the proper furniture will open up so much more room for activities.




What is a good accessory for foreplay?


A massage is a great way to ease the tension out of your muscles and elevate anticipation through the roof! The hypnotic scent and easy glide of massage oils against your back set the scene for all the touching you and your partner intend to do to each other. Try a Kissable Massage Oil from DONA by JO to arouse intimate body kisses, or embrace the ambiance of a JIMMYJANE Afterglow Massage Candle, formulated to melt and pour over your body for a hot and heavy rubdown.




How can lube enhance my sexual relationship?


Lube makes all sex easier! Reducing friction is not only pleasurable on your genitalia, but everywhere between two bodies. A flavored lube like the Gelato series from JO encourages you to taste its sweet flavors off of your partner.



And while you enhance skin-on-skin mobility, you can also enhance sensation. Stimulating lubes can induce a warming, cooling, or tingling feeling for lovers to share together. For example, the Climax Bursts series from Topco features Vitamin-E-rich bubbles that tingle with each pop as you slide against your lover. The feelings and flavors give you a whole new reason to communicate as you explore every inch of each other’s bodies.




What Can Strap-Ons and Harnesses Do for My Sexual Relationship?


Strap-on play offers a whole new dynamic between you and your partner. Lesbian couples may incorporate a strap-on to experience new penetrative positions that were not initially accessible to them. Heterosexual couples may enjoy the role reversal of dominant and submissive partner in addition to the anal and prostate pleasure a strap-on brings. A transitioning partner might welcome the gender performance of using a strap-on as a penis where they didn’t have one before. A harness and dildo set like the Strap U Easy Rider from XR is simple, comes with included dildo, and is compatible with other dildos as you explore what you enjoy in your new roles.




As you experiment with couples toys and accessories, you learn more about your and your partner’s sexual desires and habits. Sex is a shared experience just like a vacation or festival, and each new device is a new experience to share!

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