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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.
Sleeves & Extenders Buyers Guide |

Sleeves and Extensions Buyers Guide

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” In other words, for our purposes, confidence in your “arsenal” can translate to confidence in your sexual endeavors. Beyond the gratifying psychosexual image of a big cock, a receiver may want deeper penetration to reach the sensitive A-spot, or thicker penetration to fully stretch their vaginal or anal canal. Or a penetrator may want a tighter grip on their penis. If it’s difficult to deliver with your natural anatomy, a “big stick” may seem like a lot to ask for, but it’s quite accessible with penis sleeves and extensions!



What are penis sleeves and extensions made out of?


Sleeves and extensions can be made of a variety of materials, as with all sex toys, but they are most prevalently made of TPR or TPE. These extra-squishy materials ensure the right amount of give to comfortably fit between two bodies, and to provide a lifelike, supple skin feel. The Oxballs Daddy 10” Cocksheath, for example, is made of a signature FLEX-TPR that snugly hugs the balls, shaft, and head in a full penis shape for full-coverage sensation.


Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath |




How can I be sure a penis sleeve will fit correctly?


Measure your penis! For length, measure along the top of your penis from the pubis bone to the tip. At the thickest part of your penis, measure side-to-side to determine the width, and around to determine the circumference. Sleeves and extensions often list these dimensions to determine whether the size fits for you. Additionally, some sleeves, like the Oxballs Miguel Cocksheath come with an insertable stopper to adjust to the length of your penis. Some sleeves can even be trimmed at the base to fit comfortably without leaving space to bend or slip off.


Oxballs Miguel Cocksheath |



Will sensation be reduced if I wear a sleeve?


Skin-to-skin contact will be reduced, but extra constriction will be added for the wearer, and extra stretching for the receiver. Sleeves like the Erection Enhancer Sleeves from CONTROL by Sir Richard’s, only widen the shaft of the penis to leave the head open and uncovered, while also providing textural massage for the receiver from the ribs on the outside. Additionally, the sleeve can be flipped inside out to transfer textural pleasure to the wearer. For extra stimulation, adding lube will not only help the wearer slip into the sleeve, but also accelerate extra movement inside of it.


Sir Richard's Erection Enhancers |


A vibrating sleeve like those in the Adam and Eve Vibrating Penis Sleeve Kit even feature buzzing bullets that pleasure both partners at once!


Adam & Eve Vibrating Penis Sleeve Kit |





While penis sleeves and extensions are often branded as “enhancers,” they are truthfully, like any sex toy, a means to try out new sensations and experiences, and not a dig at your penis. Like a strap-on, an additional or enlarged appendage opens new avenues to fulfill fantasies, desires, or even fetish roleplay with a sleeve like the canine-inspired Fido Pup-Knot Cocksheath from Oxballs. If you’re curious, armor up and dive in!


Oxballs FIDO Pup-Knot Cocksheath |


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