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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.
Pleasure Air Technology Guide

Pleasure Air Technology Guide

Pleasure Air Technology, aptly named by its inventor, Womanizer, utilizes a moving plate inside the toy to create waves of air that stimulate the clitoris. Toys that run off of Pleasure Air Technology tend to fit nicely in the palm of the hand, but don’t let the unsuspecting size cloud your judgment; they can easily provide multiple, intense orgasms to many users.



How To Use Them: 


Pleasure Air Technology toys work a little differently than a typical vibrator. Many users equate the feeling Pleasure Air toys produce to a more stimulating version of oral sex. Rather than applying pressure and moving a vibrator on the clitoris, Pleasure Air Toys rest on the clitoris without making contact with much of the vulva. 

Since these toys are pretty powerful, start on the lowest setting. If that feels nice but perhaps too soft, go on up, level by level, until you find your magic spot. If that feels too intense, try getting warmed up first with your normal form of clitoral pleasure. This could be another toy, hands, oral sex, etc. Then, just lay back and let the toy do its magic! The beauty of these toys is that they do so much of the work for you.

Just like receiving oral, moisture improves the sensation. I recommend just making sure to use some water-based lube (like Sliquid Sassy) to make the air waves more pleasurable.



What To Look For: 


Since they entered the market about a decade ago, clit suction toys have gotten very popular. But despite many similar toys from other companies, the original, Womanizer, and its WOW Tech partners set the standard. WOW Tech encompasses Womanizer, ROMP Toys, and We-Vibe, among other brands. Together, the three companies carry a TON of different models that encompass everyone from true power-users to sex toy newbies who don’t want to spend much money (see below for exact recommendations). Their motors are thuddy (which means the sensations penetrate skin well), and are made to last for many, many years.

When picking the best Pleasure Air Toy for your needs, make sure to think about your main uses and budget. Do you travel a lot? Do you like luxury and convenient tech add-ons? Do you want a good generalist? Do you want something battery-operated for a trip? WOW Tech and The Vibed have you covered. Let’s hop into what models to look at depending on your needs. 



Best Luxury: Womanizer Premium 


The strongest and most luxurious Pleasure Air Tech toy on the market is, hands down, the Womanizer Premium. As the pioneer of this toy category, Womanizer always delivers with strong motors and unbeatable quality. The Premium model features a luxe, silicone exterior with metal accents (and comes in lots of beautiful color combinations), and it’s completely waterproof for bathtime fun. The Womanizer Premium has a wide range of intensity settings, starting with a gentle purr and ramping all the way up to an ultra-powerful final setting sure to take your over the edge as many times as desired.


Womanizer Premium Pleasure Air Sex Toy |


The Premium also has some tech features that make for a smoother user experience. The first is called “Smart Silence,” which means that the toy turns itself off whenever it isn’t touching a body—perfect for anyone with privacy concerns or a clitoris that gets extra sensitive after orgasm. In addition, the Premium features an “autopilot” setting that does all the work for you for a hands-free roller coaster of pleasure. 



Best for Couples: We-Vibe Melt 


If you’re thinking that Pleasure Technology Sounds like the perfect accompaniment to penetration or any other partnered activities, look no further than the We-Vibe Melt. This clit suction toy is designed to fit nicely between bodies and is fully covered in silicone for easy cleaning after use. Melt has a similar motor to the Womanizer Premium and has an ergonomic handle for easy grip during action.



Perhaps what’s coolest and what truly sets the Melt apart from its pack is its long-distance capability. The Melt is fully app-compatible so it can be controlled from far away. This is perfect for long-distance lovers during the pandemic who want to engage in playtime safely, or for folks who want something fun and different for the bedroom. 



Best for Travel: Womanizer Liberty & Starlet 


If you’re more concerned with discretion and compact size,  check out the Womanizer Liberty. Liberty is similar to the Womanizer Premium, but in a smaller package featuring a magnetic lid that’s perfect for travel or anyone who wants an ultra-discreet sex toy. It has a similar, high-quality motor but is designed to be as compact and efficient as possible for people on the go.


Shop Womanizer Liberty |


The Womanizer Starlet 2 is a very similar toy, featuring the same motor and just a slightly larger body.


Shop Womanizer Starlet 2 |


The differences are:

1) The Womanizer Starlet 2 does not come with a magnetic lid.

2) The Starlet 2 is about $20 cheaper.

3) The Starlet 2 runs for less time on a single charge.

Both are excellent and fulfill similar roles in any sex toy collection. Just decide whether the travel lid and extra run time are essential for you. 



Best Budget-Friendly Pick: ROMP Toys 


If everything else on this list feels a bit pricey for you, that is totally okay! Sex toys can be really expensive, making them inaccessible to lots of people, and that just isn’t cool. Pleasure is a human right! That’s why it’s so great that ROMP has three options under the $50 price point. The Switch, Shine, and Free coming in at $29.99, $39.99, and $49.99 respectively, making them perfect for people just getting into sex toys or those with more restrictive budgets.


 ROMP Switch, Shine, and Free |



Magic Middle Ground: Womanizer Classic


The Womanizer Classic is the perfect middle ground, marrying many of the traits of the aforementioned toys. The Classic has a similar motor to the premium, with a more compact frame similar to the Starlet. A great option for any clit owner, the Classic features the same magnetic charging and waterproof exterior as other Womanizers. And as always, Womanizer exceeds on both power and quality. A great choice for anyone.


Womanizer Classic Pleasure Air Stimulator |



At the end of the day, these are all really great toys, and you’ll probably love any of them. Most users appreciate the speed and intensity with which Pleasure Air Toys pull orgasms out of them and say that these toys are the best money they’ve spent! Just figure out which qualities would make a toy ideal versus good for you and pick accordingly to ensure the best match for you. With so many options, you’re sure to meet the sex toy of your dreams.

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