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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.
Anal Buyers Guide

Anal Buyers Guide

Butts. Everybody’s got ‘em. And if the fandom of the musicians and models whose work is all about the booty is any indication, most people like ‘em. They look good and they feel nice inside and out. Outside, they’re the gathering point of thousands of nerve endings around the sensitive rim and the perineum. Inside, anal sex can indirectly massage the highly pleasurable A-spot or anterior fornix in female-assigned bodies, and directly massage the prostate or P-spot in male-assigned bodies for long-lasting and more intense orgasms. As anal curiosity is at a cultural high point, there are more items than ever to put in or around butts!

Still, this is nothing new. You can go all the way back to ancient Grecian and Egyptian art to see depictions of phallic objects gleefully inserted into ancient butts. Mass production of anal toys goes as far back as the late 1800s with Dr. Young’s Ideal Rectal Dilators. These spade-shaped tapered cylinders with flared bases were advertised to relieve constipation, facilitate medical inspection of the rectum, or allow hemorrhoids to heal. The likely pseudonymous Dr. Young went on to claim the dilators could be used to relieve bad breath, acne, insomnia, headaches, insanity, and more, until the FDA shut it down in 1940. We suspect only an avid enthusiast could make such hyperbolic claims, thus providing an early example of the pleasure aroused from a butt plug.

Though the anal plug is still standard, plugs and other anal toys have gone on to vibrate, massage, rim, thrust, and more with all other kinds of motions and mechanics. Additionally, anal lubes have been formulated to reduce friction more comfortably and safely than ever. Examples of styles and options are below!



What makes a good butt plug?


In terms of shape, butt plugs haven’t changed drastically since Dr. Young’s Dilators. Generally, a chubby “spade” shape narrows to a slim, but smoothly rounded tip at the entry point for gradual widening, then narrows to a stem at the other end with a flared base. Note that, when inserting a toy anally, to only use a toy with a flared base or some means of stopping before it goes too far, otherwise you might need an ER doctor to get it out for you!

People often use butt plugs because they like the feeling of “fullness.” The wide body stimulates a large surface area with each movement, and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. Boutique anal toy brand b-Vibe extends this feeling of fullness with their weighted Snug Plugs. With a more cylindrical body and flexible stem than your average butt plug, Snug Plugs enter easier, fill up more space, and sit more comfortably than others!



What makes a good anal vibrator?


Like any sex toy shape, slip a vibrating bullet inside and it usually feels better. The sensitivity of the anus, the capacity for widely spread internal rumbles, and the proximity to the P-spot and A-spot make the booty an exceptional receptor to pleasurable vibrations. Vibrators are also great for back door beginners, in that you can play externally by tickling the rim before going for full penetration.

The A-Play series from Doc Johnson apply these vibrations in a remote-controlled anal plug. Slip it in and enjoy free-moving solo fun thanks to the remote, or pass it off to a partner if you’re adventurous! Some plugs, like the A-Play Rimmer pinpoint pleasure directly to the rim with beads that rotate at the plug’s neck!




What is a good anal toy for a beginner?


Safe anal pleasure is all about patience, preparation, and practice. You always want to experiment with a finger or with external stimulation prior to full penetration. When you‘re ready for penetration, a slim probe like Rocks-Off’s Petite Sensations Anal Teazer is perfect. Skinny and just flexible enough, the vibrator can gently introduce you to full-fledged butt stuff with bonus vibrations.

If you want to continue going larger, consider an anal training set, like the INYA Triple Kiss Anal Trainer Kit from NS Novelties. The set comes with three plugs sized small, medium, and large to gradually increase the size you’re used to!




What kind of lube should I use for anal sex and anal toys?


Any lube will suffice as long as it is liberally applied and plentiful in case you need more. Lube is REQUIRED for anal play, because the anus doesn’t self-lubricate like a vagina. Many gay and other anal-sex-loving couples like silicone lubes because they are longer lasting, as they don’t absorb into the skin, though they can potentially stain sheets, and are not compatible with silicone toys. Also commonly used are thick oil-based lubes, though these are usually not compatible with condoms. Water-based lubes, on the other hand, are compatible with everything!

Some lubes are formulated with anal sex in mind by keeping a thicker viscosity. For example, Wicked Sensual Care’s Jelle is thick like a jelly, though still a water-based lube. This thickness makes it remain slippery longer than your average water-based lube, and provides more of a cushion against potential friction.




How do I use anal beads?


Anal beads or anal balls are uniquely specialized for butt stuff. Because of the anus’s quick retraction, anal beads provide an exceptional method of stimulation. Simple, traditional anal beads like the Blush B Yours Basic Beads come on a string, sometimes gradually increasing in size, to pop in one at a time, then pull out for a deep rush, ideally upon climax. Other beads are motorized to add vibrations to the same effect, like the VeDO Quaker.




What are the best toys for prostate stimulation?


The prostate, sometimes referred to as the P-spot or male G-spot, sits a few inches inside the male-assigned anus and inward toward the bellybutton or penis. Stimulation of this spot provides intense and ongoing pleasure! Prostate-stimulating toys are shaped with a downward-facing curve or bulge to better reach that wily walnut.

A manual massager like Pipedream’s Anal Fantasy Classix Prostate Massager Keeps a rigid but smooth ABS plastic body for firm and easy directing. Its outward-curving handle makes it comfortable to move and its inward curving extension provides simultaneous perineum massage. You might also consider a motorized massager, like the Nexus Revo, with a silicone head that rotates to knead at the prostate all on its own, along with fun vibration patterns to sit on.




How do I keep anal sex and anal toys clean?


Though delightfully dirty, anal sex can be literally dirty too. You can clean out your butt ahead of time with a bowel movement followed by use of a douche or enema. Simply fill the bulb, insert, spray, and repeat until the water runs clear. The CalExotics Booty Call Booty Blaster has a specially rounded head with directional spray points and a curved shaft for a more tactical flushing. And like any sex toy, you must clean it thoroughly before and after use with soap and water or toy cleaner.



Any gender, creed, or class is well equipped to enjoy anal pleasure, and we’ve got the equipment to help you do it!

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