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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone-Based Anal Lubricant

Brand: Swiss Navy

Original price $91.24
Original price $13.99 - Original price $91.24
Original price $91.24
Current price $80.29
$14.89 - $80.29
Current price $80.29
Fluid Ounces: 16.0 oz.

Product Description:

Whether you're a complete virgin when it comes to anal play or you consider yourself a seasoned pro, a good lubricant is a must for the ultimate comfort and pleasure. As a company that continues to set the bar in wellness and lifestyle products, Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant contains a secret ingredient that sets it apart from others: clove leaf oil.

Because Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant is infused with clove leaf oil, it naturally makes anal play more fun and comfortable. This lubricant is silicone-based, made of only the highest-quality ingredients and long-lasting so the pleasurable feelings can go on and on. Made in the USA, this smooth and silky lubricant will add a luxurious feeling to your next playtime.

The handy bottle is ergonomically-shaped, leak-proof and features a pump that locks in place. Because the bottle is designed so that it can be easily operated using only a single hand, the mood is never lost -- and neither is the cap to the tube. Available in a range of sizes to meet everyone's needs, Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant also contains vitamin E, making it healthy for the skin in the delicate anal area.

Product Features:


  • Anal Lubricant
  • Silicone-Based
  • Infused with Clove Leaf Oil
  • Available in 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and 16oz bottles
  • Made in the USA