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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.

Hunkyjunk HUJTUB c-ring, tub, multi

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Original price $135.09
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HUJ c-ring is our favorite grippy ring you will want to use and use often--just the right size its the perfect c-ring or ball-ring that stretches to fit all size can be layered for a tighter fit or some guys stack them for gradual ball-stretching.H?nkyjunk innovates even in this simple design HUJ c-ring has a groove inside the ring that flattens out when worn this keeps the ring in place and keeps a bit of lube between the ring and you for comfort. HUJ c-ring has a flatter inner opening so it wont roll snag or pinch.H?nkyjunk toys are made of plus+silicone? a durable blend of TPR for strength & soft silicone for a smooth warm feel. Wash in warm soapy water--air dry store separately.HUJ c-ring is strong stretchy and tough it fits and feels good on--it embodies our motto: Play big play H?j?be H?j.