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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.
Introducing inBloom by TheVibed |

Introducing inBloom from The Vibed

Introducing inBloom by The Vibed—an all-new line of flower-shaped sex toys inspired by the viral rose vibrator, delivering jaw-dropping fun in a super-cute package! This affordable, handheld line of vibrators and pulsators has a toy for everyone! Featuring three similarly sized products, each with unique functions, inBloom’s petite, 100% body-safe silicone, USB-magnetic-rechargeable line has the three bases of clitoral stimulation completely covered! Whether you want suction that mimics oral sex, flicking tongue action, or broad vibration, inBloom has it all. The collectible line is prepared with different bodies and desires in mind while still being lightweight and travel friendly.


Lilium Textured Vibrating Massager


First from the inBloom collection is Lilium. Lilium is a petite vibrator shaped like a blooming white lily, speckled with dozens of smooth filaments that gently brush when Lilium is powered on. These tiny tips provide multiple points of stimulation not only to the clitoris, but the surrounding area for even broader pleasure coverage.



Lilium Flower-Shaped Massaging Vibrator |



Use Lilium with a water-based lubricant to let the soft ticklers glide smoothly across the whole vulva. Lilium features 10 vibrating functions total, including 3 speeds and 7 pulsation patterns, which are super easy to use with its one-button control. Perfect for beginners, intermediates, or advanced users, Lilium’s gentle ticklers paired with multiple speeds and patterns is sure to be a favorite!



Lilium Massaging Vibrator Lifestyle Image |



Tulipa Licking Stimulator


Second from the inBloom collection is Tulipa. Tulipa’s tulip-inspired shape has a long spadix jutting out of the center. The spadix acts as a tongue, which flicks back and forth for a realistic oral encounter like no other! Use a water-based lubricant with Tulipa to keep the tongue smooth and slick, keeping your erogenous zones wet and ready for more. The flicking tongue can be used externally on the clitoris, to tease and tickle the vaginal opening, or to delightfully rim the anus.



Tulipa Tongue Flicking Vibrator |



Alternatively, try Tulipa on a nipple or other external erogenous zones to spice things up. With a simplistic one-button control and featuring 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration, Tulipa’s 10 total settings are designed to provide breathtaking stimulation. Whether used solo or with a partner, Tulipa is the handheld oral sex experience that’s got everyone abuzz!



Tulipa Tongue Flicking Vibe Lifestyle Image |



Rosales Clitoral Suction Stimulator


Last, but certainly not least from the inBloom series is the viral sensation Rosales, a red, rose-shaped clitoral sucking vibrator. Rosales is the adult toy that’s on everyone’s wishlist. This viral sex toy shape blew up on TikTok as users jokingly referred to it as the “Soul-Snatcher 2000,” with some going as far to buy two of them at the same time just in case they lost one!



Rosales Rose Suction Vibrator |



This discreet, romantic stimulator uses air pulsation to gently send waves of stimulation for mind-blowing clitoral pleasure. Just place the round mouth over the clitoris—with a drop of water-based lube if you prefer—and use Rosales’s single button to initiate the suction modes. The easy-to-hold handheld design means it can be used solo or given to a partner to encourage participation! Use it on the clitoris or a nipple during sex—the possibilities are endless! Featuring 3 suction speeds and 7 pulsating patterns, the Rosales rose vibrator is sure to be a fan favorite!



Rosales Rose Suction Vibe Lifestyle Image |



Simple Technology, Miniature Roses, Big Sensations


All 3 vibrators from the inBloom collection use simple controls to deliver strong stimulation. The ergonomic flower buds feature 3 speeds and 7 patterns in their respective functions, each controlled by a single button. inBloom toys are rechargeable, with 75 minutes of charge time bringing 90 minutes of play. The USB charging port comes with a magnetic charging dock, which each toy rests upon in a super-cute display! Made of body-safe silicone, each vibrator is silky smooth and molded to look and feel like a lily, tulip, or rose, hiding in plain sight looking pretty on your nightstand, and feeling fantastic in the sheets. All toys come with a limited 1-year warranty.


The Vibed’s Premier Collection


inBloom is the first collection of sex toys from The Vibed. The Vibed is an online retailer with a mission to provide body-safe sex toys for beginners and advanced users alike, catering to all anatomies, interests, and kinks while providing educational blogs and descriptions about their uses. With over 1500 items from 60 brands, Vibed staff is proud to offer original styles to the collection: “We’ve wanted to contribute our own toys for a while, and we think the rose and other flower shapes are the perfect blend of simplicity, affordability, accessibility, and aesthetic. We’re confident that once you try one, you’ll want to collect all three!”


inBloom Rosales, Tulipa, and Lilium vibrators are available and shipping now from The Vibed. Order these high-demand toys today! 

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