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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.

Tenga GEO Coral Geometric Masturbator

Brand: Tenga

Original price $43.88 - Original price $43.88
Original price $43.88
$51.09 - $51.09
Current price $51.09

Product Description:

Make your self-pleasure experience something incredible with the TENGA Geo Coral. Uniquely designed with a perfectly smooth, spherical shape outside, take a peek in the pleasure hole and you may be a bit surprised—it is densely packed with coral-like pleasure shapes to really rub you right. Stretch the super flexible elastomer ball over your erection and enjoy the delectable way it grips and hangs on with all the interior nubs and shapes. Squeeze tighter for maximum sensations or go a little light with the squeezing and focus purely on gentle strokes, either way, you're gonna find all kinds of good feels. Enjoy the free sample of HOLE LOTION Real lube, but use water-based lubes only once your sample is gone. Perfectly reusable, your Geo Coral male masturbator should be cleaned thoroughly after each use and placed on the stand to air dry.

Product Features:


  • Measures 3.43 inches deep by 3.43 inches wide by 3.39 inches high 
  • Insertion length stretches to about 6.69 inches long and 1.97 inches wide
  • Weighs .44 lbs
  • Crafted of super-stretchy ABS and PC elastomers   
  • Dynamic "coral" geometric texture offers intense pleasure with every stroke 
  • Reusable and super-stretchy 
  • Waterproof
  • Use with water-based lubes only 
  • Clean with running water, inside and out, after each use and place on stand to air dry
  • Free sample of HOLE LOTION Real included