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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.

Femintimate Pelvix Pelvic Floor Strengthening Kit

Brand: Adrien Lastic

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Original price $56.25
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Current price $45.00

Product Description:

When pelvic floor issues arise, every aspect of your life can be affected. Before these disorders worsen and cause havoc on your day-to-day, look to Pelvix for safe and effective exercise of the pelvic floor muscles. The Pelvix system works to strengthen your pelvic floor. Areas that can be affected with pelvic floor disorders include the vagina, urethra, and rectum. Your pelvic floor muscles need to be in proper health for these three organs to function normally.

Pelvix is a therapy tool made with different weights to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. Use of Pelvix causes natural reflexes in the perineum that lead to pelvic reflexes, and these reflexes are the exercises you need to develop a more comfortable and healthier pelvic floor. There are three key components to the design of Pelvix. 1) The ridged exterior helps the tool to attach to the vaginal walls. 2) The tool’s angle is constructed for better pelvic feedback. And 3) The ergonomic design helps with insertion comfort.

Try Pelvix for a natural remedy to your pelvic floor issues.

Product Features:


  • Made with medical silicone.
  • Pelvix Weight: 0.69 ounces.
  • Ball Diameters: Small: 0.59 inches; Medium: 0.71 inches; Large: 0.87 inches.
  • Ball Weights: Small: 0.53 ounces; Medium: 0.63 ounces; Large: 0.78 ounces.
  • Made with body-safe materials and is phthalate-free.
  • Use with water-based lubricants.
  • Clean with mild soap and warm water.
  • Comes with zippered storage case.