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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.

Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Penis & Balls Molding Kit Light Tone

Brand: Clone-A-Willy

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Original price $99.94
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Product Description:

Whoever said three’s a crowd wasn’t talking about a dick and balls. If you want a fun dildo that brings a couple buddies to the party, look no further than the Clone-A-Willy Penis and Balls kit. This is a kit including everything you need to cast a mold of a penis (and balls) to create your very own silicone dildo. And what’s more fun? It comes with a multi-speed vibrator to really get the party started. These kits create such detailed toys that you won’t believe it’s not the real thing! If you want to add a fun yet personal element to your sex life, clone your favorite willy with a Clone-A-Willy kit.

Unlike the regular Clone-A-Willy kits, this kit comes with an additional cup to clone your balls as well as tape to properly attach the cup to the molding tube. This project can be done by yourself or with a partner.

Product Features:


  • Includes: molding powder, silicone, molding tube, multi-speed vibrator, and instructions.

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