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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.
Top 6 Lubes for Summer Music Festival Blog Post |

Top 6 Lubes for a Summer Music Festival

If you ask us, lube is pretty much always a good decision. Whether you are going for P-in-V or heading for the backdoor, lube exists to make sex even more fantastic. In fact, you'll most certainly need it if you are exploring anal sex, as the anus isn't magically self-lubricating like the vagina.

But if you think KY is your only option out there, you've got quite the catching up to do. Nowadays, there's silicone-based lube, natural lube, flavored lube, water-based lube, oil-based lube, sensation heightening lube and much more. And while each of these can make for smooth operating in the bedroom, why should the fun stop there?

That's right—it shouldn't. Fun should be had anywhere, including getting busy at musical festivals. We've already shared the top 6 sex toys to bring to your next musical festival, but that's only half of the goods you should be packing. We've now created your own personal guide to the six best lubes to bring along, so you can really dial up the heat up your sex life: festival-style.

So, let's dive in and get a bit slippery, shall we?



Lube 101: Different Types of Personal Lubricants


First things first. Taking the time to first explore your lube options is just as important as the time you will take to explore your partner's body (well, almost). Nonetheless, it is important to understand the different types of lubricants available in order to ensure you get the kind of pleasurable experience you're after as well as avoiding some common no-no's.


Water-based Lube


Lubricants that are water-based are the unsung heroes of clean bedsheets and healthy orifices. These types of lubes help maintain healthy pH levels, which is extremely important if your play involves a vagina. If silicone toys are being used, you'll want to reach for water-based lubes because they won't damage the silicone. Water-based lubes also wash off easily and aren't a messy as the silicone-based or oil-based lubes. While it is a seemingly near-perfect lube, there is still a downside to water-based lubes to consider. These types of lubes tend to evaporate or absorb into the skin quickly, meaning reapplication is often necessary to keep the frisky fun feeling good.


Natural Lube


Often made with organic and animal-friendly ingredients, natural lube is a great choice for those who have experienced chemical sensitivity to their skin. Natural lubricants are typically aloe-based, and carrageenan is a common ingredient as well. Carrageenan is part of the seaweed family and one of nature's most effective lubricants. While natural lubricants are less likely to cause skin irritation, they too may need to be reapplied often.


Oil-based Lube


These types of long-lasting lubes are known for going the distance. They're also naturally moisturizing, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Oils and latex do not mix—oil-based lubricants will break down condoms and other safer-sex barriers, so it's essential to understand this and perhaps consider a different lube. Some oils can also be disruptive to vaginal health, so consider using water-based option if having vaginal sex and irritation occurs.

Silicone-based Lube


GREAT for playing in the water (think: steamy showers or underwater sex), silicone-based lubricants won't wash away easily when those water fantasies arise. Known for being extremely slippery and thicker, a silicone-based lubricant is also great "cushioning" for anal sex. The downside to silicone? It degrades silicone toys, so they can't be used together. Additionally, silicone lubricants can leave a sticky residue on the skin, even after cleaning.

Now that that's all sorted let's get to know the six frictionless heroes that we know will bring your music festival experience to the next level.



Top 6 Lubes for Getting Frisky at a Festival


1) Climax Bursts by Topco


Cooling off always feels amazing in the summer, so why not give it an erotic edge? Climax Bursts by Topco are just waiting to be explored. There are multiple options to choose from with different sensations and colors available (match them up with your festival glow sticks). Each type features vitamin-enriched pleasure beads that burst on contact with the skin. Use the cooling one as a special treat after a long, hot day of raving, or try out the aphrodisiac-enhanced lubricant or the tingling one. There's even a dedicated anal lubricant for adding a little extra cushion to exploring backdoor play come tent time.


Each bottle is available on its own in 4.5 fluid ounces, so there's plenty of liquid fun to go around for multi-day festivals.




2) Candy Shop by System JO


When you’re wearing your most flamboyant colors on your favorite pair of booty shorts, your lube should match! System JO’s Candy Shop collection comes in vibrantly colored bottles to match your bubble gum pop sensibilities. The lubes sweeten your summer flings with the saccharine flavors of bubble gum, cotton candy, and butterscotch to taste off of your lover or vice-versa.

These beautiful bottles hold 2.1 ounces of three flavored water-based lubes.




3) Sensual Arousal by Swiss Navy


Are you someone who likes to tease and be teased? This water-based personal lubricant has a unique formula that when applied to the skin arouses and stimulates couples before play. How should you use Sensual Arousal at a music festival? Picture this: apply this lube pre-show as a slow and sensual warm-up to elevate your senses. Next pair it with the Chorus Couples Vibrator, the hands-free couples device that lets your partner control vibrating sensations through a remote control or phone app. Pop out of your tent and go enjoy the show. While you are jamming to the music, you'll experience unexpected rumbles down under as the anticipation builds and builds throughout the night. When the music fades, head back to your tent to take care of all that teasing.

Eager to get your hands on some? This lube is available in 1, 2, and 4-ounce bottles. And the bottle is leak-proof, so you can easily toss it in your festival bag and not worry about any spillage.




4) CBD Intimate Moisturizer by Vibed


Marry good beats with this water-based moisturizer for a truly elevated festival experience. Did you know that CBD-infused lubricants are believed to quell inflammation and increase circulation, which may improve sexual function and increase arousal? And what better time to experience these heightened sensations than at a summer music festival? Vibed CBD Lube is injected with up to 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD, ready to bring pleasure to your most important bits.

This moisturizer is available in a 6-ounce bottle to keep next to your bed and a 2-ounce travel size, perfect for packing along for your music festival.




5) Sliquid Essentials Lube Cube


For those who love a bit of variety in both their music and their sex life, the Sliquid Essentials Lube Cube is the perfect festival companion.The Sliquid Essentials Lube Cube features 12 individual pillow packs, so you can try out different sensations and preferences as your moods and tunes change. The foil packs are great for on-the-go application, and the packaging is 100% recyclable, perfect for staying green at the festival! All of the lubes included are water-based, 100% vegan-friendly, and made with only the safest natural ingredients.

Each individual pillow pack is 5 milliliters—the ideal size for popping into your carry-on or slipping into your festival fanny pack.




6) Ride BodyWorx Stroke Oil


If you’re tented up with a partner and want something that will last all night, try this oil-based lube that’s infused with silicone. The abundance of natural ingredients is not only great for smooth and long-lasting penetration, but also for sensual massages and solo masturbation sessions to soothe your skin after a hot day in the sun. Please note that this formula is not compatible with condoms, and that you may wake up your campsite neighbors with screams of delight.

Ride BodyWorx Stroke Oil is available in 8.5-ounce bottles for liberal use across your whole body.




Ready to Start Exploring?


Whether you're heading to Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, Coachella, or anything in between, there are so many cool lubes and sex toys out there to try and summer's a great time to experiment. Vibed has all the lubes, sex toys and accessories you need to bring a boost to your next outdoor gig experience. Pack along any of these amazing lubes for your music festival and take summer slip and slides to a whole new level.

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