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True Love Starts with Yourself.
True Love Starts with Yourself.
Fantasy for Her Buyers Guide

Fantasy for Her Buyers Guide

Women make up the majority market of the pleasure product industry, but still, sex toys for women tend to be pretty phallic. No intent to disparage those classic shapes we love, but sex toy design is no more immune to patriarchal normativity than a high school notebook or the Washington Monument. The truth is there are many methods of female pleasure beyond penetration, and a lot of room to make toys that explore them.

This is why Pipedream introduced its line Fantasy For Her. Fantasy For Her is a collection of toys built for solo or partnered use for women, some to award-winning acclaim. These toys please above and below the belt in new and exciting ways, as well as in high-quality editions of more traditional shapes. Coated in hypoallergenic silicone, each item comes in an attractive light purple color that looks nice on your nightstand and makes clear the quality you’re getting.

Studies show that most women require clitoral stimulation, not only G-spot stimulation, to reach orgasm. Though there are great clitoral vibrators in the line, where Fantasy For Her excels in clit stimulation, as well as full vulva and other bodily stimulation, is suction. Suction stimulation is a relatively recent but popular trend among sex toy manufacturers because of its deep-reaching pleasure. While surface stimulation of the clit feels great, suction better engages the portions of the clitoris beneath the skin, and the sensitive nerve endings of other areas. A substantial portion of Fantasy For Her’s line is made up of forward-thinking toys that attach and pump against erogenous zones, sometimes in patterns, sometimes even with vibrations, and one with an automated licking tongue!


What is a good clitoral suction toy?


The Fantasy For Her Ultimate Climax-Her comes with three flexible tube attachments that gently envelop and suck at the clitoris. The slim attachments come in flared, circular, and longer options to ensure comfortable, pinpointed direction of the 12 suction patterns on all bodies. Gentle stimulation like this is great for those with a sensitive clit. By surrounding rather than directly rubbing, there is less opportunity for irritation during pleasure. In addition, the base vibrates at its rounded head to act as a wand vibrator to flip around or share with a partner!



Are there dual-stimulating suction vibrators?


Absolutely! The Fantasy For Her Tease ‘n’ Please-Her has a sucking hood at its center, along with a vibrating probe extending from the tip! The flexible probe bends and buzzes internally while the clitoral suction cup, outfitted with tickling bristles, gently tugs in 12 patterns. Vibrations and suction can be controlled independently or together at once.



What about full vulva suction vibrators?


For less pinpointed suction and more fully enveloping pleasure, try the Fantasy For Her Vibrating Roto Suck-Her. This unique vibrator has a flexible suction cup head that envelops the vulva in full. At the tip of the cup is a vibrating bullet that nestles against the clit and buzzes in 7 patterns. Suction is controlled independently with a release button. Tapping the release button starts and stops suction for a feathered, pumping sensation. By sucking at the whole surface area along with directing vibrations to the clit, the Roto Suck-Her emulates oral sex with lifelike “breathing” sensations for a very unique experience.



Can I use suction vibrators on my nipples?


Nipple suckers are classic nipple toys, and most suction items in the Fantasy For Her line are capable of delivering that pleasure. They also feature vibrators designed specifically for the nipple in the Fantasy For Her Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers. Squeeze and apply these 2-inch silicone cups to stick on and lightly tug at your nipples. Press the button on the outer bullet to activate vibrations as the interior bristles tickle your tips.


Want deeper vibrations all across your boobs? Upgrade to the 3-inch Fantasy For Her Breast Suck-Hers.


Those sound cool, but are there more traditional vibrators?


Fantasy For Her extends its high-end functions and waterproof technology to more conventional vibrators as well. The full silicone Body Massage-Her delivers deep and powerful rumbles in a personal massage wand shape. The round head can be used to loosen muscles all over the body as well as stimulate the clit and vulva.



The Wallbang-Her offers a unique twist on the rabbit vibrator. Dual motors at the tip of the shaft and the clitoral stimulator massage the clit and G-spot in a suction cup vibrator. The very flexible vibrator sticks to smooth, flat surfaces for comfortable humping in a rabbit shape.



Though the tonguelike shape stands out from other vibrators, the Fantasy For Her Finger Vibe is as straightforward as a clitoral vibrator gets. Simply clasp the ergonomic vibe, wrap the strap around your fingers, and have at it!



Is Fantasy For Her’s Her Ultimate Pleasure the best vibrator?


“Best” is subjective, but users of this top-selling sex toy might say so. If any one function on this list appeals to you, you’ll be happy to know that Fantasy For Her’s Her Ultimate Pleasure has all of them and more in one toy. On one end of is a tongue that flickers in 7 modes. Along with the toy are two hood attachments: one that fits around your nipple and another that fits around your vulva. Attach these over the tongue end to incorporate suction against those parts of your body while the tongue licks them! It’s all the best parts of oral sex at once! As if that didn’t already go above and beyond, the handle of the toy is a perfectly curvaceous 10-mode G-spot vibrator.



The versatile and creative functionality of this toy has earned it multiple awards, and it’s gone viral on Twitter more than once. To celebrate its success, Pipedream offers it in a 24k Gold Luxury Edition, with a limited scarlet colorway and real gold accents to push this impressive vibrator even higher over the top.



In conclusion:


In a world where sex toy shapes have been done and overdone, Fantasy For Her takes creative risks to make impressive and uniquely pleasing products for the female body.

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